2016 Events

Drug Discovery Chemistry 2016, San Diego, USA

April 19 - 21

Asinex is a proud premier sponsor of the Drug Discovery Chemistry 2016 conference, featuring two plenary talks presented by 

- Roman Kombarov, Business Development,  Moving Macrocyclic Research Forward: New Rules and Drug Discovery Application

- Ramon Jimenez-Moreno, Head of Biology, Applying the Compound-to-Target™ Platform to PPI Research

Mastering Medicinal Chemistry 2016, Boston, USA

June 15-16

11th Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry Conference, Boston, USA

September 12-13

Innovation in Design, Supply and Acquisition for Compound Screening Libraries, Hatfield, UK

Innovation in Design final flyer

September 14

 Bio-Europe®, Cologne, Germany

November 7-9