Focused Sets: Kinase

Protein kinases have been validated as extremely attractive targets for drug discovery due to the critical roles of these enzymes in a wide variety of disease states. Exploration of new targets, binding modalities as well as emerging strategies for kinase inhibitor discovery provides the opportunity for development novel, efficient therapeutic agents.

ASINEX facilitates the discovery of novel kinase inhibitors by providing access to our advanced collection of small molecules, fragments and macrocycles. The efficacy of our compounds has been validated through in silico modeling and in vitro on-target and phenotypic profiling. This is paralleled with 20+ years of medicinal chemistry expertise, delivering designs with outstanding ADMET and PK properties, optimizing chances in hit to candidate development.

We offer multiple pharmacophore-based and/or  structure-based (target-annotated) libraries including:

  • “Type I” or hinge binding, ATP competitive
  • “Type II” or DFG-Out
  • “Covalent inhibitors”

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