Screening Libraries

ASINEX’s compound collection is a valuable resource in drug discovery as we have incorporated 20+ years of medicinal chemistry expertise in cultivating 600,000 screening compounds, 27,000 macrocycles, 23,000 fragments and 7,000 building blocks, encompassing great diversity of small molecule and macrocyclic chemical space.

Our collection is updated with novel chemotypes on a regular basis, evolving to address emerging needs of modern Drug Discovery while also providing valuable solutions for current research projects.

Compound Management

ASINEX has 20+ years of experience in compound management operations including the procurement of reagents, quality control, storage under special conditions, formatting to the specifications of our clients, and shipping of research chemicals all over the world.

All ASINEX compound collections are stored in a climate controlled facility in Winston-Salem, NC. Our experienced weighing operators and robotic liquid handling resources allow us to format our compounds with high accuracy and time efficiency. ASINEX can format and deliver compounds as neat material or dissolved to a specified concentration in DMSO.

The quality of our library is routinely monitored by HPLC and NMR and well-documented in analytical reports.


Gold and Platinum Collection

Our Gold and Platinum Collections provide an exceptionally diverse, cost effective coverage of drug-like chemical space. Read more >>

Download our Gold and Platinum collection SDF File (289174 compounds, version Oct.2016) 

The Elite Libraries®

“Leadlikeness” is the basis of The Elite Libraries® which have been shown to be an excellent starting point in various drug discovery programs (e.g GPCR, Kinase, Ion Channels).This library includes >900 scaffolds designed with a focus on novelty and ease of medicinal chemistry development. The Elite Libraries® have been biologically profiled to avoid ADMET problems; this testing along with the fact that the compounds are amenable to rapid hit-to-lead optimization has lead to a number of documented success stories in drug discovery. Read more >>

Download The Elite Libraries® SDF File (87107 compounds, version Oct.2016).


The BioDesign approach incorporates key structural features of known pharmacologically relevant natural products (e.g. alkaloids and other secondary metabolites) into synthetically feasible medicinal chemistry scaffolds. In order to identify the privileged pharmacophores, ring systems and linkers, we have carried out statistical analyses of structural features of natural products, marketed drugs, and drug candidates. Our research shows that saturated fused ring, spiro, and bridged systems with a tendency towards multiple chiral centers are highly privileged among natural products and marketed drugs yet these structures are very poorly represented in commercial libraries. We deliberately introduced these highly privileged elements in the design of novel synthetic molecules to deliver screening compounds with a higher level of saturation (av.Fsp3>0.5), multiple chiral centers (av.≥2), and a high diversity of natural product-like frameworks.

Download BioDesign SDF File (157163 compounds, version Oct.2016) 


ASINEX’s fragment set encompasses tremendous diversity of our scaffold and synthetic handles that allows straightforward progress from fragments to leads. The subsets of fragments suitable for specific biochemical and/or biophysical screening methods are available upon request.

Download ASINEX Fragments SDF File (21872 compounds, version Oct.2016)

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