ASINEX Compound-to-Target™ platform facilitates the discovery of novel effective small molecule regulators of pharmacologically-relevant “difficult” targets. We are focused on targets of high unmet clinical need, representing a promising yet underexplored therapeutic potential mainly due to the lack of appropriate chemical probes. The Compound-to-Target™ platform effectively addresses this problem by delivering lead compounds with a clearly defined on-target mechanism of action and desirable safety profile.

Our technology is based on innovative chemistry enabling the creation of novel small molecule and macrocyclic compounds that are optimized through simultaneous target-based and phenotypic screening approaches.

The value of the platform has been validated through several successful projects in the areas of oncology and infectious diseases:

  • Regulators of intrinsic apoptosis pathway
  • Selective inhibitors of Cdk pathway
  • Discovery of downstream WNT/ β-catenin pathway inhibitors
  • Novel macrocyclic antibacterial agents